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Please do not give food to dogs on your trek

Dogs in the Cordillera Huayhuash

The dogs that come to your camp or meet you on the trail in the Cordillera Huayhuash , have owners, they belong to peasants who are dedicated to raising sheep and / or cows and some to farming, these dogs are guardians, coworkers for peasants.

If you are going to feed those dogs, they will follow you all the trek, at the end of your trek you will go back home, the dog that followed you will follow other tourists during the whole trekking season, it will abandon its owners and its guardian work.

The saddest thing is at the end of the trekking season, they stay at the points where the trekking routes end or start, abandoned, with no one to feed them; the dogs often breed in caves on the trails, bringing many puppies without a home and without food.

We share the affection towards the four-legged friends, so if you meet them just say hello or if you want to feed it, it will be better to do it through its owner.