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The Cordillera Huayhuash map

To enlarge the map, click the right mouse button on any part of the map; then choose 'Zoom in' from the menu that appears and drag it the desired direction.
See the classic circuit trekking route day by in 3d images

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The classic circuit trekking route day by day in 3d images

Llamac Cuartelwain

Day 1: Llámac - Cuartelwain

Cuartelwain Mitucocha

Day 2: Cuartelwain - Mitucocha

Mitucocha Carhuacocha

Day 3: Mitucocha - Carhuacocha

Carhuacocha Huayhuash

Day 4: Carhuacocha - Huayhuash

Huayhuash Viconga

Day 5: Huayhuash - Viconga

Viconga Guanacpatay

Day 6: Viconga - Guanacpatay

Guanacpatay Cutatambo

Day 7: Guanacpatay - Cutatambo

Base camp of Siula Grande

Day 8: Base camp of Siula Grande

Cutatambo Huayllapa

Day 9: Cutatambo - Huayllapa

Huayllapa Qashpapampa

Day 10: Huayllapa - Qashapampa

Qashpapampa Jahuacocha

Day 11: Qashpapampa - Jahuacocha

Jahuacocha Llamac

Day 12: Jahuacocha - Llámac