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Safe travel, guidelines to travel in times of covid-19 to the Cordillera Huayhuash

The situation generated by COVID-19 forces us to consider stricter safety and hygiene measures to take care of the health of our passengers, for this we add the following measures to the services we have been offering:

Travel agency

  • 1. We carry out the activity in compliance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of our country.

  • 2. All our staff have received biosafety training, especially our Camping Cooks and Guides.

  • 3. All our Guides have taken first aid courses in remote areas, and in management of suspected cases of contagion by Covid-19.

  • 4. All our camping equipment is carefully disinfected before leaving for a tour. The mattresses and articles for personal use provided by the travel agency will be delivered in a labeled bag for the exclusive use of each passenger.

  • 5. For vehicle transfers, we take up only half of the unit's capacity.

  • 6. Every day the responsible Guide will carry a symptom control card, to detect suspicious cases that may appear during the tour.

  • 7. We have satellite communication equipment, to coordinate evacuation in cases of emergencies.

Participant (client)

  • 1. The participant must show vaccination certificate, or either a negative real-time COVID-19 molecular (RT-PCR), negative antigen test result, or a medical certificate of epidemiological discharge that is no more than 72 hours after being issued upon arrival in the city of Lima (airport).
  • 2. The participant agrees to answer surveys and take daily signs to rule out suspicions of contagion of Covid-19 throughout the tour.
  • 3. If a suspected case of contagion is found in the group, the tour is immediately suspended and the entire group will be evacuated to Huaraz city, where the health condition of all participants is evaluated; If the health personnel deems appropriate, molecular and / or serological tests will be applied in an authorized health establishment

First aid course for times of COVID-19, Go2Andes